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Ryan Derek "Sonny" Robertson (born 10 June 1996) is an English singer and producer. He was 1/5 of the British group Overload Generation which consisted of members Joseph Devries, Jordi Whitworth, Oliver Garland, and Andy Fowler, the latter who joined in 2014. They performed on The X Factor during the show's eleventh season in 2014 and split in early 2015. In July 2015, he was the bassist for the band Young Kings for a short period of time.[4] He joined RoadTrip in May 2019, reuniting with Fowler.

Relationship with Andy

Fowler attended a Soccer Six event in December 2013,[5] sometime knowing Robertson before, who was part of the boy band Overload. Fowler joined the group in April 2014.[6] They appeared on the eleventh season of The X Factor and made it through the auditions before becoming eliminated, finishing fifteenth place. After disbanding in February that same year, they went their separate ways, Fowler starting RoadTrip and Robertson continuing his musical endeavours before working at the railway.

Robertson made his first appearance in RoadTrip's vlog "Building a Boyband House", in the beginning, walking with Fowler to the flat in Slough. He spoke to artist manager Blair Dreelan about wanting to get back into music and being a part of a band. Eventually he was contacted if he was interested in joining RoadTrip, to which he readily agreed.[7] In May 2019, he was announced to be a trialist after Mikey Cobban's departure over the band's vlogs and officially became a member on 14 June 2019.

Due to there being two Ryans in the band, Robertson chose the nickname "Sonny". He explained the origin of his nickname, where at school he was in a friend group with two Ryans, so he used 'Robbo' because of his last name. A group of friends also named him 'Sonny', because of the last three letters of his surname.[8][9]


Fowler and Robertson doing the 'X'

  • Their ship name is Sandy (Sonny/Andy). They are also referred to as "OG" (original) Randy and SonnyAF, the name a play on to it being "sunny af" (quite hot/bright/happy).
  • They were good friends in both bands.
  • They had the greatest height difference in RoadTrip, Robertson being the tallest (5'11) and Fowler being the shortest (5'6).
    • Robertson once remarked in a livestream, "Andy's not 5'6, that's what I'm saying, he's not a Hobbit. Like he is pretty small, but..."[10] This was similar to Duff, who said in response to a fan's comment, "'I make Andy look small'. Andy is quite small. No disrespect to Andy, but Andy is quite small. And I'm quite small as well, but it really puts into perspective how small Andy is, looking at me, 'cause I don't see myself as a tall person whatsoever".[11] Beaumont also said, "Are you actually 5'6? That is so cute".
  • Back in 2014 over a livestream, Robertson was making him and Fowler some tea, but forgot to boil the kettle. They recollected the moment in 2019.[12]
  • In their performances of "No No No" they sometimes referred back to their X Factor days, either doing an 'X' with their arms or mentioning Overload.
  • They did a 12-hour livestream together in honour of the tracks on their EP, Dynamite, attaining one million streams each.


2019 cover appearances (25/34)
169. "I Don't Care" 170. "If I Can't Have You" 171. "SOS" 172. "Elton John Medley" 173. "Easier"
174. Sing-Off (I Don't Care) 175. "Cross Me" 176. "Old Town Road" 177. "Never Really Over" 178. "You Need to Calm Down"
179. "Señorita" 180. Ed Sheeran Medley (Beautiful People + Best Part of Me + Blow) 181. "Crown" 182. "Mother's Daughter" 183. Ed Sheeran Medley (Antisocial + South of the Border + Remember the Name)
184. Sing-Off (Señorita) 185. "Evolution of Justin Bieber" 186. "Boyfriend" 187. "All the Good Girls Go to Hell" 188. "Shameless"
189. Evolution of Billie Eilish 190. "10,000 Hours" 191. "Lose You to Love Me" 192. "Look at Her Now" 193. "Xanny"
2020 cover appearances (2/2)
194. "Before You Go" 195. "Yummy"
2015 video appearances (1/25)
9. "Building a Boyband House"
2019 video appearances (44/56)
300. "Meet Sonny" 301. "Sonny's 1st Week on Trial Continues" 302. "Has Sonny Done Enough?" 303. "Elton John Medley BTS"
304. "5SOS - Easier BTS" 305. "It's Official" 306. "Dynamite Live Performance" 307. "The Secret Vlog"
308. "Old Town Road - Lil Nas X Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus BTS"" 309. "Katy Perry - Never Really Over BTS" 310. "Rang Songwriting Sessions From Fans' Lyrics" 311. "Ed Sheeran Medley (Behind the Scenes)"
312. "Sold Out London Show" 313. "Justin Bieber BTS Parte Uno" 314. "Justin Bieber BTS Part 2070 - 'The Next Part'" 315. "Justin Bieber BTS - Part 3 Oof Ssomething Sspecial"
316. "Justin BTS - The End of Bieber" 317. "SITC Day One" 318. "No You're Never Gonna Walk Alone - SITC Day 2" 319. "Girl Guides North Show"
320. "Girl Guides South Show" 322. "New House Tour - We Got a Mansion in London!" 323. "Who Is the Strongest Ship?" 324. "Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell BTS"
325. "...Because We All Need Heroes!" 326. "Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours BTS" 327. "When RoadTrip Went to Poland" 328. "It's a New Castle!"
329. "Selena Gomez - Look at Her Now (Behind the Scenes)" 330. "Would You Rather? Loser Strips Naked" 331. "Boyband Got Slimed Hard on TV - SlimeFest 2K19" 332. "Try Not to Dance *Extreme Forfeits*"
333. "How to Get TikTok Famous" 334. "TikTok Dance Competition (UK Boyband)" 335. "Parents for 24 Hours!" 336. "RoadTrip Trial #1 - Who Is It?"
337. "Re-Creating Iconic Movie Moments #2" 338. "RoadTrip Trial #2 - The Singing Challenge" 339. "RoadTrip Trial #3 - The Public Vote" 340. "Finish the Lyrics Challenge"
341. "Merry Christmas Roadies - 2019" 342. "Speed Dating Disaster" 343. "RoadTrip Trial #4 - Try Not to Laugh, Extreme Yoga, and Playground Insults" 344. "Fear Pong"
2020 video appearances (18/19)
345. "RoadTrip Trial #5 - A New Year, A New Member!" 346. "Do You Trust Me? Blindfold Prank" 347. "Singing to People in Public!"
348. "Losers Get Why Don't We Tattoos!" 349. "New Music for Our Biggest Ever Show!" 350. "Never Have I Ever Had a 3-Way!"
351. "Who Gets Drunk the Most?! (Ice Bath Challenge)" 352. "The Most Important Phone Call of Their Lives!" 353. "Why Are We Always Slimed on TV?"
354. "Revenge Handcuffed to a Lamppost!" 355. "He Did What for £1000?! (Competition Winners Announced!)" 356. "He Traded Her for Toilet Roll!"
357. "Car Prank Gone Well!" 358. "He Lost a Dare!" 359. "Meat Slapping in the Shower!"
360. "Easter Egg Hunt Gets Very Weird!" 361. "Survival Guide: How to Winter in Summer!" 362. "RoadTrip: Before the Show (Official Documentary)"


“'Cause you're just perfection personified”

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Loser Strips Naked" • "Boyband Got Slimed Hard on TV - SlimeFest 2K19" • "Try Not to Dance *Extreme Forfeits*" • "How to Get TikTok Famous" • "TikTok Dance Competition (UK Boyband)" • "Parents for 24 Hours!" • "RoadTrip Trial #1 - Who Is It?" • "Re-Creating Iconic Movie Moments #2" • "RoadTrip Trial #2 - The Singing Challenge" • "RoadTrip Trial #3 - The Public Vote" • "Finish the Lyrics Challenge" • "Merry Christmas Roadies - 2019" • "Speed Dating Disaster" • "RoadTrip Trial #4 - Try Not to Laugh, Extreme Yoga, and Playground Insults" • "Fear Pong" • "RoadTrip Trial #5 - A New Year, A New Member!" • "Do You Trust Me? Blindfold Prank" • "Singing to People in Public!" • "Losers Get Why Don't We Tattoos!" • "New Music for Our Biggest Ever Show!" • "Never Have I Ever Had a 3-Way!" • "Who Gets Drunk the Most?! (Ice Bath Challenge)" • "The Most Important Phone Call of Their Lives!" • "Why Are We Always Slimed on TV?" • "Revenge Handcuffed to a Lamppost!" • "He Did What for £1000?! (Competition Winners Announced!)" • "He Traded Her for Toilet Roll!" • "Car Prank Gone Well!" • "He Lost a Dare!" • "Meat Slapping in the Shower!" • "Easter Egg Hunt Gets Very Weird!" • "Survival Guide: How to Winter in Summer!" • "RoadTrip: Before the Show (Official Documentary)" • "Charades Movie Edition"
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